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Qualified Sourcing is best utilized as a complimentary tool added to an existing recruitment effort. After understanding the exisiting process, strategy and resources,  a recruitment campaign is custom-built to deliver a constant flow of the types of profiles the hiring team wants to see. We deliver contingency recruitment capabilities on a fixed cost subscription basis but without the transactional relationship or hit to your budget.

The desired candidate skill set, seniority, culture & compensation are identified and engaged on your behalf by RENT recruiters. We screen and present candidates who not only match your requirements but are actually interested in the opportunity. Detailed candidate profiles are submitted along with near term interview availability.

We use various AI and human sourcing strategies to build pipelines of passive & active candidates. The candidates that you ultimately receive have all been screened by our team to the satisfaction of your team.

There are no fees associated with hiring any of the introduced candidates. RENT recruiting operates on a monthly subscription basis which scales up as needed. 


Why RENT recruiting

Whether you have a robust recruiting team, run lean or if the Talent Acquisition Function is in the infancy stage, there will come a time when additional resources will be required to meet demand.   If an organization experiences challenges stemming from growth, niche or diversity hiring, or if there is the  desire to lower your reliance on staffing agencies, RENT Recruiting is a no nonsense solution that cuts through the noise which exists in the transactional arena of hiring. 

 We understand technology, industry, and culture and understand how talent weaves them together.  We're a strategic partner, not your teams competition! We bring honesty, agility, transparency and tangible results while lowering cost per hire.



 Decrease cost per hire. 

Reduce Staffing Agency Fees

 Buffer interruptions in recruitment

Immediate Talent Pipelines 

Active & Passive Market Focus

Diversity Capability

Process Bottleneck Identification



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