Our Approach

     RENT recruiting combats the pain points felt by organizations in their recruitment efforts. We design a recruiting campaign that addresses any gaps in organizational capabilities. We combine the resources of our agency with your team, yielding an efficient and effective process, lowering cost per hire through the reduction of staffing fees.  Our offerings include Qualified Sourcing, Dedicated Recruitment and Standalone Resources. As an extension of a company, we preserve, promote, and protect the brand while improving the candidate experience. Our team knows technology, industry and culture. We find the talent that weaves it all together.  RENT recruiting is a strategic partner, not competition to your Talent Acquisition Team.

     Our team is comprised of recruiting industry veterans who have witnessed the evolution of recruitment over the past 20 years. RENT recruiters are experts in identifying and engaging candidates who posses the set of skills and experiences that our client’s desire. We understand how to use the tools available in the market and when combined with our extensive relationship-based referral network, we can curate a candidate pool that will impress any hiring authority. WE are experts at engaging this candidate pool by pinpointing and understanding move motivators and how an opportunity we present can satisfy them.    

     Our unique shared resources model allows our embedded recruiters to provide high quality staffing services for a fraction of just one staffing agency fee. A monthly subscription pricing model provides cost transparency from the beginning.  Our clients save time and money while candidates enjoy a more favorable experience and hiring managers interview the talent they seek.  


Snapshot of Services

Qualified Sourcing

     Qualified Sourcing is best utilized as a complimentary tool that is added to an existing recruitment effort. After our team gains an understanding the existing process, strategy and available resources,  a recruitment campaign is custom-built to deliver a constant flow of the types of profiles your hiring team wants to review.

     The desired candidate skill set, seniority, culture & compensation are identified and engaged on your behalf by RENT recruiters. We screen and present candidates who not only match your requirements but are interested in the opportunity. Detailed candidate profiles inclusive of a resume, social media profiles, compensation and conversational notes along with interview availability are submitted to your team for review. Your feedback allows our team to refine the search parameters accordingly while we relay to you the compensation data extracted from the market.

     We use various AI driven technology to initially curate a talent pool. We apply human sourcing strategies atop this to build the appropriate pipelines of both passive & active candidates. The candidates we submit will have all been screened by our team. Screening means that we have had an in-depth verbal conversation with the candidate and identified any potential red flags that would otherwise disqualify their candidacy. This process can be customized to the satisfaction of your hiring team. RENT recruiting is also equipped to assess aptitude tests of any nature.

     Your team can interview at any time as many of the profiles that we introduce. You can engage as many of the individuals as desired and when hired, there are no additional fees. Qualified Sourcing (Q-Source) by RENT recruiting operates on a monthly subscription basis and can be scaled up or down as needed. 








We learn about the ideal candidate profile


Engage and qualify talent on your behalf


Your team reviews 


schedules interviews 

When you hire there is NO placement fee



Embedded Recruitment

     Dedicated Recruiting or remote embedded recruitment is the second layer of our ON-Demand Service.  It was strategically designed for a cost-conscious organization lacking recruitment bandwidth regardless of the circumstance.  RENT recruiting can fill that gap. Your team can quickly add expert recruiting capabilities aligned with your strategy and budget.  You get a dedicated point of contact that serves as a recruitment resource. Our recruiters, who are supported by our robust internal team, come equipped with a large toolbox, vast networks and a sense of urgency. 

     RENT provides a singular point of contact to serve as a dedicated recruitment expert who manages the hiring process. This includes market evaluation, position opportunity marketing, profile sourcing and screening, strategic headhunting, assessment administration, compensation expectation extraction, interview process management with scheduling, salary negotiation, background check verification, closing and on boarding.  

  RENT recruiters specialize in identifying, presenting and delivering talent even in the most challenging of landscapes.  Our recruiters are battle tested with the average experience being 10 years per person. We have seen recessions, pandemics, hyper growth and the lean times.  We pride ourselves on being masters of situational recruiting. Although technology has very much altered the landscape of this industry, we never forget that Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is a people driven business!

     We leverage our shared service model to reduce the overall cost per hire for our clients while increasing their capabilities, outreach and overall recruiting efficiency




Expand Recruiting Capabilities


and increase effectiveness


Lowering Cost Per Hire 


Eliminating Staffing Fees



Standalone Recruitment

  Standalone recruitment is another option offered within ON-Demand Service.  Simply put, a client can “rent” a standalone recruiting resource and directly manage them on any task or project. Our senior level resources will blend seamlessly into your company just as if they were an employee. This service was built for organizations that may need a temporary specialist to staff a project and seek a contract recruiter.  Quick turnaround times allow our resources to begin recruiting before most clients can even set up interviews for potential contract recruiters.   A monthly flat fee allows for transparent cost control while eliminating an organizations additional costs baked into hiring a full-time recruiter.

   RENT recruiters specialize in identifying, presenting and delivering talent even in the most challenging of landscapes.  Our recruiters are battle tested with the average experience of 10 years in staffing. We have seen recessions, pandemics, hypergrowth periods and the lean times.  We pride ourselves on being masters of situational recruiting and we retain experts in many of todays most competitive verticals. Although technology has very much altered the landscape of the staffing industry, we have not forgotten that Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is a people driven business!

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