Our Approach

RENT recruiting combats the pain points felt by organizations in their recruitment efforts. We design a recruiting campaign that addresses any gaps in organizational capabilities. We combine the resources of our agency with your team, yielding an efficient and effective process, lowering cost per hire through the reduction of staffing fees.

As an extension of a company, we preserve, promote, and protect the brand while improving the candidate experience. Our team knows technology, industry and culture. We find the talent that weaves it all together.  RENT recruiting is a strategic partner, not competition to your Talent Acquisition Team.

Our team is comprised of recruiting industry veterans who have witnessed the evolution of recruitment. Our unique shared resources model allows us to provide the high quality recruitment services for a fraction of just one staffing agency fee. Monthly subscription pricing provides cost transparency from the beginning.  Our clients save time and money while candidates enjoy a more favorable experience. 

Snapshot of Services

Qualified Sourcing

Qualified Sourcing is best utilized as a complimentary tool added to an existing recruitment effort. After understanding the existing process, strategy and resources,  a recruitment campaign is custom-built to deliver a constant flow of the types of profiles the hiring team wants to see. We deliver contingency recruitment capabilities on a fixed cost subscription basis but without the transactional relationship or hit to your budget.

The desired candidate skill set, seniority, culture & compensation are identified and engaged on your behalf by RENT recruiters. We screen and present candidates who not only match your requirements but are actually interested in the opportunity. Detailed candidate profiles are submitted along with near term interview availability.

We use various AI and human sourcing strategies to build pipelines of passive & active candidates. The candidates that you ultimately receive have all been screened by our team to the satisfaction of your team.

There are no fees associated with hiring any of the introduced candidates. RENT recruiting operates on a monthly subscription basis which scales up as needed. 






We learn about the ideal candidate profile


Engage and qualify talent on your behalf


Your team reviews 


schedules interviews 

When you hire


there is no staffing fee

ON-Demand Recruitment

Dedicated Recruiting is the second layer of our Qualified Sourcing service. It is designed for an organization lacking recruitment bandwidth regardless of circumstance.  We can fill that gap. In an instant, add expert recruiting capabilities that align with your strategy and budget.  We come equipped with a large toolbox, vast networks, and a sense of urgency.

On-Demand Recruitment manages a majority of the hiring process. Technical assessments, targeted premium job marketing, interview scheduling, salary negotiation and background checks & verification are some examples.     

 We leverage our shared service model to reduce your cost per hire.


Expand Recruiting Capabilities


Lowering Cost Per Hire 


Eliminating Staffing Fees